Rider-Waite printable tarot deck

Here is the black and white whole 78 card deck of the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot,
you can print out and color it yourself. However you want and feel…
By coloring your own deck, you can tap into the minute details on each card
and thus learn the meanings of the cards with such joy and ease.

This is how I started almost 20 years ago.
This is how I learned.
And this was all I needed: no books, no courses- just my own intuition and visions.

Hit the download buttons listed below, print the sheets out and dive into the wonderful world of tarot.

Major Arcana

Minor Arcana
Courts of Swords
Courts of Cups
Courts of Pentacles
King & Queen of Wands; 1-2 of Cups
Knight & Page of Wands, 10-9 of Wands
4&6, 7-8 of Wands
1-3 & 5 of Wands
1-2, 4-5 of Swords
7-10 of Swords
3 & 6 of Swords; 1 & 4 of Pentacles
2-3, 6 & 8 of Pentacles
5 & 7 & 9-10 of Pentacles
3-6 of Cups
7-10 of Cups