Terms of service

 What to expect from my tarot reading and coaching sessions?

I do not read minds. Neither do I predict the future per se. Though sometimes the cards reveal some future happenings, then so be it- I’m certainly not ignoring them.
I am here to help you discover how to create the future you want for yourself. If you yourself can not take responsibility over your life, actions and decisions: no one will.
Tarot is usually not telling you what you want to hear,– but it tells you what you need to hear.

I will tell the hard truths if they happen to occur in a reading, I’m not sugarcoating anything: if you prefer soft shallow readings or readings containing lot’s of esoteric New Age woo-woo: I’m certainly not a reader for you.

I am a facilitator of a dialogue with the cards and through the cards. A guide.. an interpreter.
I use tarot cards as a tool to provide an insight to your own inner knowing and wisdom. I simply am here to help you unfold that wisdom, recognize that, and guide you to act upon it.
The acting upon it, making changes and the taking responsibility part is all on you. You always have free will, and if you want to change anything, it is possible – it is only in your hands and mind!

Tarot helps you make decisions, aids with effective progress in whatever area of life is concerning you the most. It’ll give you a better understanding of what is happening – and why.
You’ll gain an opportunity to receive valuable insight into future opportunities, challenges, obstacles, and also warnings about the decisions or choices you are making, or are about to make.

My goal is to provide the messages through Tarot cards and channelings and interpret them so they can help my clients to move on towards better and more meaningful life and self through taking responsibility, seeing larger perspectives and gaining insights into mundane.

If all this is not harmonizing with your expectations for a tarot reading / consultation: I am not a reader for you.

That said, here are the TOS for my services:
1. I am NOT

  • … doing health readings. If something health related happens to reveal itself in other readings, I will tell you.
  • … reading for children under 16 years of age.
    However if a parent has a question about their child, I may or may not- depending on the nature of the question, agree to look into it.
  • … answering questions about third persons nor looking into their lives without their consent (except close blood related relatives).
  • … looking into missing person cases. These things have been too traumatizing for my personal psyche so I am declining all related inquiries, sorry.
  • … removing nor reversing any curses (very seldom there are actual curses active in person’s life, more than often the things that seem like curses are the results of own actions or repeating ancestral or other destructive patterns without learning and/or changing…)
    The real curse is however recognizable should it be attached to someone, in case I notice my client having one, I will tell them- however removal is not my modus operandi: I’m respectfully keeping my distance with Dark Magic and -Witchcraft.
  • … creating nor selling nor advising you to create any spells
  • … offering free readings. My time is valuable to me and to my clients who are sometimes on a lengthy waiting list to obtain my readings and/or coaching. 

2. I am

  • … using cards to see and interpret the happenings in your life 
  • … helping you to see and recognize the options and solutions
  • … calling you out to face the truth, however hard it might be
  • … helping you to see the cause and effect of things so the healing can begin