Service did not meet your expectations?
I’m truly sorry to hear that.
Please do understand that my time is valuable, and readings take energy. Readings and consulting are my calling in this life and I’m taking them very seriously. I don’t want to fail anyone.
Yet nobody is 100% accurate and every Tarot reader does have bad days, so it’s only fair to have no quibble refund policy.
It is so incredibly rare for me to have to refund anyone that I am more than happy to be offering this policy to you:
If you want your money back within the 14 days you have from receiving your reading, please contact me via e-mail and I will refund you 100%, thank you!

No refund policy upon:
* After the aforementioned 14 days have passed from your reading, no refunds are possible.
* Missed scheduled appointments (without sufficient notice of at least 24 hours) will not be refunded unless in case of force majeure when re-scheduling will be possible.