Client Testimonials

D.M: I had a tarot reading from Jane. It was extremely helpful and accurate. Absolutely 100% on point in regards to what is going on and to pinpoint someone’s personality so accurately is amazing. Thank you so much for the reading and for your time and energy. I cannot express enough how much I appreciate it.

R.S: Wow! You are spot on! Finally! Got my answers! It’s all up to me! I have now hope and will do that! Thank You so much! Happy Tears! When I said Finally! I meant I have been asking this before to others! You are the only one gave me a great guidance and spot on! The answers I needed! Thank You again! Love and Light!

: Thank you so much for your guidance.. you are bang on with ur guidance and it resonates completely…

S.H: I had a card reading with Jane and I can honestly say she gotten a lot of things right! She has been so helpful in what I have asked, and I can’t thank her enough.I would 10000% recommend her to anybody.
Thank you Jane, I appreciate you

M.N: The reading I got was really insightful. I appreciate that it wasn’t a “this card means this, that card means that” kind of reading, but was quite elaborate. The answers backed up some intuition I’ve been getting on my own, and touched on messages I’ve recieved that I hadn’t expressed in the question. Thanks so much! It’s great to have such a positive message, and to get outside reinforcement.

D.A: Unfortunately, the reading I got makes so much sense! Thank you!

A.S: I had a card reading from Jane and I was totally impressed. She was spot on with regards to my personality, thinking and my plans. You are a divine soul Jane and may infinite blessings be with you always. Thank you very much for confirming to me that I will certainly achieve my goals.

E.L: Had a amazing card reading from Jane.. whatever she said all resonates to me. Thankyou for ur time & effort. Namaste

T.R:  My reading today was 100 % accurate as to what is going on in my life. My relationship of 23 years is in a dark place, I put off my dreams to raise 5 daughters and I want to live for me . I have literally been lingering instead of moving forward with my dreams. ..every word rang true…Blessings, love and light

A.M: Thank you so much for this reading. It is confirming my own thoughts.

McL. T: Wow this is so true and spot on! Thank you so much for the spot on cards you just read me, your honesty is what I needed. Girl you are truly gifted and awesome thank you so much. Love and light.

A.L.B: Thank you so much for my card reading it’s given me some much needed hope & I can fully relate thank you!

S.M.J: You are spot on. I needed this !!

O.V: I had a card reading today and I do relate to what is being said. While the first part is a bit uncertain I do think that in time that will change. The last part of the card reading strongly resonated with me loud and clear and was spot on!! If you are wanting an honest, detailed and descriptive reading which is easy to understand and clear I recommend Jane.

K.S.N:  Thank you for the reading. It resonated loudly! Thank you for sharing your gifts with me. ♡ Love and light!

L.D: Thx dear..i think what u said is true..all i need is a courage to make a step & pursue for what i really loves to do n wanted for a long time 😘 now i think the 1st step to make is to plan everything so that all will be smooth..muahhh love your reading dear..hope next time i can come to you for guidance!

D.S:  I had a card reading from Jane and she has given me an insight on the situation which i thought would not resolve… thank you for giving me the hope that it will though it will take time… yes u advised that i connect with r … yes it’s a conscious decision on my part not to connect… thank you for giving the hope that things will get better. Your readings resonate with me.

M.A: Thank you Jane. It makes sense. I do believe I am transforming. It’s just been very difficult. I will give thanks for my guide and work on letting go. Again thank you so much. Love your message and your page.

S.S: Thank you very much!! The message was fitting and did not disappoint! This reading reassures me that I’ve been heading in the right direction and it’s time for me to soar 💗

K.M: Thank you so much. This answer resonates with me a lot. Thank you for reminding me  Sometimes I look for shortcuts it looks. Much love your way.

M.L: I have no words… I loved your message and your reading. It ressonates a lot. Thank you so much for your love, generosity and light. Gratitude 🌹

E.Z: Thank you for giving me a reading. It resonates so well for me. Thank you and I will follow your advise. God bless you.

R.D: A lovely person, very calming and with innate wisdom, and she really knows her cards. I have worked myself as a psychic / tarot reader and can recommend her. I have had some awful readings in the past, i can promise you will get a great reading with this lady.