Discovering tarot

“The similarity in the interpretations of the cards makes them like a scientific language, universally recognized. This makes them a useful tool in communicating ideas to many.

Once you know the language you can play with it. Soon it becomes personal: you start to recognize yourself in the cards. You see that we are not that different, we all have a similar story.
And I believe that is why, when the cards are a part of us, we can read the cards.
But first you have to learn the language before you can create poetry.”
-Paul Hanczaryk-

Why should one embark on the journey into Tarot? Either as a client, getting a reading or as a student- getting to know the cards, their meanings and to learn to understand the language they represent?
Here are my insights into and understandings about the wonderful world of Tarot:

Tarot card reading can be therapeutic in nature:  it helps you understand how you have arrived at this point in your life, and how you can move on from it towards improvement and empowerment.

It helps one see past the illusion of self and aids to remove filters so one can see the cause and effect of all things.
It helps you get insights to cope with life adjustments, anxieties and challenges regarding moving, relationships, career, health and money.
It helps you tap into hidden wounds from the past in order to heal them, forgive and let go so you can move on.
It helps you to see the ancestral patterns you might be carrying which make your life more complicated than it should be…

Tarot often tells you what you already know, it comes down to the question of: do you acknowledge this knowledge or not?
Are you listening your intuition / inner self or not?
Imagine if you would- would you even need any tarot readings then?
No- because you have mastered the skill of “listening”, “observing” and “understanding”. That is a bliss.. a goal one should aim to..

And all it takes is: open up, use some aids (tarot cards are so great for this) and start exploring from within, from yourself.


A true healer is the one who heals himself first so others can benefit from his own healing.
-Hong Curley-