About me

Warmest welcome!

Who am I?
I’m more of a seer than psychic, more of a shaman than witch, more of a diviner than fortune teller.
I am a Life Coaching Tarot reader, I prefer to use the cards as a tool to evolve, to dig in deeper than just scratch the surface…
to help to create more holistic way of being, to get the answers for “how?” and “why?” rather than “when?” and “what if?”.
If we’d think about tarot reading as if it’s a journey then: I use my cards as a map, my intuition and senses as a lantern, my channelings as road signs, my experiences and knowledge as scenery.
And the one who seeks: the client- holds the compass. Together we are searching the best route, whichever the destination might be.

With each client, it is a different journey, each has their own goals and paths we have to learn to navigate on.

So in a nutshell my goal is to help my clients to move on towards better and more meaningful life and self.
To understand how all things are connected and where are the roots of things.
And I will tell the hard truths if they happen to occur in a reading, I’m not sugarcoating anything, if you prefer soft shallow readings or readings containing lot’s of esoteric, New Age woo-woo: I’m certainly not a reader for you.
I am not here to tell you how you should proceed, I’m here to aid you to take full control and responsibility for your own life and actions so you yourself will know how to proceed.


What’s my story?
My parents decided to name me Jane.. so mote it be.
The Johnny Weissmuller starred Tarzan movies were apparently the inspiration for naming me with such a foreign name for the part of the woods I was born into: Estonia, a little country located on the periphery of Northern Europe.. now considered more as Eastern Europe. The weather conditions however prove otherwise 😆 Northern it is.
Now that the obligatory weather-talk is out of the way, back to the topic: me.
I was born and raised pagan. Nature child. You can say that my religion is Earth. I grew up in a small (well under 100 residents) old coastal fishing village that locates on a peninsula, surrounded by the Gulf of Finland and endless pine forests: very remote yet only 40 minute drive from the capital city.
As an only child, I had to rely on my imagination and interests when growing up to keep my mind busy and to evolve. So I wondered around in nature, on the beach and played with frogs and ants, sticks and stones a lot. To this day I much prefer to spend time in nature and city life exhausts me really quickly. This is the type of hermit I am.
Magic and all things unseen to the eye have been a part of my life since I remember. The things you sense and feel but can not see.. The mysteries of life and understanding all I can through study, research and trial and error. So it was only inevitable for me to stumble upon the ancient skills like palmistry, cartomancy and the urge to see more than meets the eye.
My first card reading for someone occurred when I was 16 – by that time I was already honed the skill to the point that I didn’t need to rely on the books to know the meanings and correlations of the cards.
Throughout the years I’ve kept learning, researching and studying- first of all to understand myself, my flaws and issues: where they come from, why they are there and how to become the better version of myself.. this work is never-ending wonderful journey and looking back: I feel like there’s 3-4 lives inside my life that I have lived, me being a constantly evolving person, leaving behind the old me again and again to rise, to renew and regenerate into more holistic being. It has been a wonderful journey.

Tarot cards came into my life on 2003 in a dream. Never before had I wanted to use tarot cards before but on that December morning I woke up with a strong need to get a deck of tarot cards. I had been using playing cards until this point and tarot was something too strong for me, so I thought. But the dream was too loud and clear, I was told to start working with tarot.. and one does simply not argue with such powerful dreams (in fact the most important life-changing knowledge and guidance I have gotten- has come to me in my dreams!).
As soon as I flipped through the deck for the very first time I understood everything. I was ready.
From this point on, my world started to change in a rapid speed, compared: I was able to tap into my own self much deeper and in greater detail, I was able to read for others with such magical flow I hadn’t experienced before. And this too has been a magical wonderful journey and now I am sharing all I have gained from this journey with my clients…
I am blessed and I am thankful.

A true healer is the one who heals himself first so others can benefit from his own healing.
-Hong Curley-

And I enjoy sharing my journey as much as I can so:
come say “hi” to me on my YouTube channel: My Life and Tarot